Tsugami logo Known worldwide for their fast, reliable and precise Swiss (sliding headstock) lathes, Tsugami also manufactures top quality multifunction machines, gang-tooled lathes, and machining centers.

Morris Group companies have represented Tsugami products for more than twenty years. Our on staff Swiss engineering specialists can work with your company to create custom engineered solutions.

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Opposed Gang Tool

Multiple options from basic Swiss type models to machines offering a full spectrum of advanced capabilities: milling, drilling, tapping, and thread whirling just to name a few. Eliminate secondary operations while maintaining industry leading precision.

Model series include: B0, P0 and SS.


Combine the precision of gang tooling with the flexibility of turret tooling in Tsugami’s gang/turret lathes to produce complex shaped workpieces in one pass. Front and back tool posts offer flexbile tool options, turret capability delivers Y-axis control.

Models: BH20Z, BH38


The addition of B-Axis live tools enables you to produce contoured and sculpted parts in one setup while still maintaining “Swiss type” accuracy. Modular tool zones and live cross and face tools combine to give you unsurpassed capability. Certain models are also convertible with an optional chucker kit.

Models: SS207-5AX, SS327-5AX

Independent Gang Slide

Three-path Fanuc control enables simultaneous use of main spindle gang plates and sub spindle – delivering extremely short and highly productive cycle times. Full complement of driven tool positions for both main and sub spindle.

Models: BW12

Horizontal Machining

Still the benchmark in integrated pallet pool horizontal machining centers, Tsugami HMCs are designed for semi-attended or lights out operations. Rugged, precise, fast, and accurate.

Models: FMA3-II, FMA5-II


Slash set-up, changeover, and cycle times with Tsugami Multifunction Machines. These models excel at producing complex parts and will perform milling, drilling, tapping, compound angle work, turning, boring, and threading.

Models: B020M-II, SS20M-5AX, TMA8, TMB2, TMU1R